Wheeler Route 1.5 (2012?)

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Hi there,

I'm in Switzerland tyre-kicking some bikes and I saw a Wheeler Route 1.5 Triple available for 1000CHF, knocked down from 1500. It's got lots of 105 on it, so this sounds like a bargain to me. The compact version is priced at 2000CHF here:

http://products.wheeler.ch/ch1/rennrade ... e-1-5.html

So besides the usual advice of try before you buy, and the importance of fit etc., does anyone know where I can find a review of this bike, or even general reviews of the route range, or other route models?

I'm imagining a German version of bikeradar or similar would be a good bet, but I don't know where I'd find that. Does anyone know if this exists?

Thanks alot,


  • diamonddog
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    I reckon that is around £1000 GBP, so for that money I would look at Canyon Roadlite AL range. Less money for same spec and lighter.
  • kerzane
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    1000 CHF is about £700.

    ...but thanks for your reply, I'll keep a look out for them.
  • diamonddog
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    Sorry bad maths :) - Converted 1500 by mistake.