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Carrera fury 2011

danchandlerdanchandler Posts: 63
edited August 2013 in Your mountain bikes
So I got this in a swap deal for my road bike

It rides like an absolute dream. First decent mountain bike I've had, after years of dirt jump bikes and trials bikes, I'm proper impressed. Can't wait to get out on a proper ride and throw it up and down a few hills. I'd had enough of the road bike, I wanted to go off road as well. Here's my other toy for anyone who is interested,
its an onza limey 326 trials bike, I do the tyke trial series and selected national rounds when I'm not injured. I'm doing Shipley glen near Bradford on the 6th October for anyone who is interested

2011 carrera fury
2012 20" onza genesis trials bike
2014 carrera virtuoso road bike


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