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tiglon84tiglon84 Posts: 33
edited August 2013 in Road buying advice
I've read a lot of negative comments about Evans on here, so I thought I'd share my experience with them.

I bought some pedals from them, just as cheap as anywhere online and there's a shop around the corner so it made sense. The next day when trying to fit them I had a problem - couldn't get one of the old pedals off! So I took it in to Evans to beg for help...

"have you been turning it the right way?"
"well of course I have, I got one of them off didn't I?"
"you do know they screw in different directions?"

Very embarrassing moment after 5 hours unintentionally tightening the pedal! Anyway, the point is, the man was really friendly and helpful and took the pedal off for me despite my stupidity. He also put some anti-seizing cream or something on both pedals and offered to run me through any bike maintenance/technical stuff with me as it was obvious I had no clue. Even invited me to call the shop and ask for him any time I needed help with anything!

All in all, fantastic service. Much better than my LBS gave me when I was trying to buy a bike from them.
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