Valve extenders

Scotty-Gee Posts: 156
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I've got some Planet X valve extenders on my new plant x 45 mm carbon wheels.

Using these in conjunction with some conti tubes, I've removed the core and installed the extender and fitted the core again- however when it comes to inflating the pressure peaks on my gauge and only settles aftera. Umber of seconds. My pump seems to blow off after anything greater tha 80 psi.

This is a little annoying.

Any tips? What have I done wrong? The other one seems fine. Duff extende? Duff tube?


  • turnerjohn
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    silly question but you have opened the valve ? - sounds like its got stuck
  • Scotty-Gee
    Scotty-Gee Posts: 156
    Yeah that's undone. As soon as I remove the core and put it in the original valve the tube inflates as expected.

    Looks like a dodgy valve extender, I'll replace it today I think.
  • sungod
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    easy to check, with the extender off of the tyre and a valve on it, you should be able to blow air through the valve
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