problem with changing email address

rabkel Posts: 3

Can you help me please

I normally login under a different name (i have had to open this account to get this issue resolved)

I changed my email address this afternoon and I was advised I would get a link sent to me to revalidate my account - this hasn't happened.

When I try and login it says I need to contact a board administrator (but this is not possible if you are not logged in)

I am trying to sell stuff just now and people will be contacting me. Can you sort this please?

Please PM me or use the email address attached to this account to get in touch

Thanks in anticipation



  • Velonutter
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    It might be an idea if you tell the Admins your original username or how can someone help you?
  • rabk
    rabk Posts: 182

    All sorted now....... email eventually arrived 5 hours later

    This thread can now be deleted
  • rabkel
    rabkel Posts: 3

    I am having problems again here. My normal username is Rabk

    I have tried to login and I am not being accepted.

    Now, is it a coincidence that I have received a board warning in respect of an advert I placed?

    Long story short (ish)

    I placed 2 adverts on Friday - at same time changed my email address from Work email to home email so as to be able to quickly respond over the weekend

    I received an email "Board Warning" on Friday re the adverts from Velonutter - which I believed was due to there being no pictures attached ( I was sure I had attached them) - I then couldn't log in as described above.

    Eventually sorted out late on Friday evening

    Today.......... I try again to place the adverts....... I was very careful to add the photographs - using the browse facility..... the add facility and then the upload part. I viewed the adverts and they had pictures..... accordingly, I have no idea what the problem is....... I cannot access my personal messages as an error message is being shown

    Please help

    And Velonutter can you tell me what I am doing wrong?
  • Velonutter
    Velonutter Posts: 2,437

    You have received a 7 day ban and should not be able to log into the forum.

    Your first warning was for no pics

    Your second advert was for having more than one advert in the same section

    Your third warning was for an identical problem

    If you won't abide by the rules then we can hardly be at fault.