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Carrera Tdf VS Specialized Allez

MarcuzcycleMarcuzcycle Posts: 33
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Carrera TDF = £249.99 (DISCOUNT PRICE)

shimano claris 16spd, 11.5kg, kenda koncept tyres, claris groupset, alloy fork, compact alu frame, sti claris shifters, 8 spd cassette

Specialized Allez = £495 (Slightly discounted)

shimano 2300 front and rear mech, shimano hg50 cassette 8spd, alu frame, alloy fork, sti 2300 shifters, 16spd, 10.7kg

after buying the Carrera a few weeks ago i was wondering whether i got a good deal or not. i couldnt spend much more so the triban 3 was out the question but is the specialized over priced or is it worth 2x as much as the carrera. you decide.

p.s after a few minor upgrades are complete (clipless pedals and yellow bar tape) i will post a picture of the carrera :)
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Carrera Tdf £249.99 or Specialized Allez £495 25 votes

88% 22 votes
12% 3 votes


  • houston26houston26 Posts: 115
    After riding both (my brother had tdf, I have allez) I would say the specialized has it beat, but not to say the tdf is a bad bike but for me it always felt too small even tho it wa same size frame, standard wheels were horrible and bike felt a lot heavier than it says on paper.

    That being said its still a great first bike, get out and ride it. Only real tine I enjoy the advantages of my bike is when it's a group ride and I'm not struggling to keep up, if I'm solo then any bike will do
  • Based on the prices I would have gone for the TDF as well, mine served me very well indeed, but the list price is just stupid, who would pay £600 for a TDF when the Allez is the same price?
  • buzzwoldbuzzwold Posts: 197
    Allez. For the frame and upgrade potential and possible resell might make half of what you paid so basically same price as TDF. Very important - nicer colour scheme
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