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Carrera TDF

MarcuzcycleMarcuzcycle Posts: 33
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I recently purchased a Carrera TDF for (heavily discounted) £249.99.
Shimano Claris groupset 16spd
11.5kg approx
Kenda Koncept tires

for the money of a Specialized Allez i could of bought two Carrera TDF's and from what i can tell from the specs theyre both near enough the same bar a minor weight difference... let me know whether it was a good decision to pick up the bike and what you think and what you can compare it too, Im currently in the process of upgrading some of the bike so il post a picture when im done...

discuss. :)
Colnago C59 Italia ...... I wish.


  • zx6manzx6man Posts: 1,092
    I love mine. Upgraded to a 2300 front compact crank and a 2300 front Mech. I too got it for half the price of an allez at the time and would buy the same again.
    I also has some some conti ultrasports put on as the front kenda was bulging when I picked it up.
  • yeah i was thinking of replacing the tyres for Vittoria. i am also putting on some yellow bar tape to give it a sharp edge aswell as the advantage of replacing the stock it came with, which is a little thin.
    Colnago C59 Italia ...... I wish.
  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,422
    upgrading some of the bike so il post a picture when im done...

    discuss. :)
    Here's a thought put some pics up now then more when you have done the upgrading. :)
  • MyersngMyersng Posts: 25
    I had a TDF for about 10 months now and I love it. I have done some of the mods already listed as well as some others. I have but Vittoria Rubino Pros on it, a compact chainset, Charge spoon saddle, SPD SL peddles and I have just fitted some Simano R500 wheels. Mine runs very smooth and feels really great to ride. I have also replaced the rear mech as I fell off and hadn't realised that I had bent it and a mile later changed to 1st at a junction and but the mech into the rear wheel snapping it in half and bending the back wheel, but that was all could have been much worse :) I'll post a pic in a mo.
  • MyersngMyersng Posts: 25
    I have just uploaded new photos here is the link to the thread but you might have seen it already.


    My friend bought a Focus at roughly the same time for twice as much and I don't think it is any better. I forgot I have also added carbon forks :)
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