Pins and needles

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Hi guys

Just been out, panned to do my first decent but had to take a shorter route as I was getting pins and needles in my right hand, manly thumb index and middle fingers. I wasn't wearing gloves would that solve it?




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    Pins and needles are normally a sign that either nerves or bloodflow is being restricted.

    Are you stretching before you get on the bike? If you start to get pins and needles does stretching help? This could be a sign that something is pinching a nerve or restricting bloodflow. Areas to concentrate are the upper back, shoulder and throughout the arm.

    If none of this helps, it could be tight clothing or your posture on the bike - raising the handlebars may help.
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    Move your hands about and shake it out occasionally. Spongy bar tape (with gel pads underneath as an optional extra) helps as do padded mits - these will help a lot.
    Many other things can help too. How's your core strength? Decent abdominal muscle strength will stop you leaning too heavily on your hands, a good bike fit will help too, as per the previous post. Leaning over too much will make you lean on your hands and put pressure on your carpal tunnel and ulnal nerves.

    This is a common problem, I have it myself and will get a proper bike fit done soon.
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    Hi guys

    Just been out, panned to do my first decent but had to take a shorter route as I was getting pins and needles in my right hand, manly thumb index and middle fingers. I wasn't wearing gloves would that solve it?



    New riders get this a lot, try to not strangle the bike, grip the bars lighlty and don't rest to much weight on your hands and it will soon go away. You should wear padded gloves as they will absorb a bit of road vibration and also protect your hands a bit if you have an off. :)
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    One of the most important and easiest things to do is to move your hands around regularly. Most people will spend the majority of their time on the hoods as it's stable, comfortable and gives decent access to brakes and shifters but it's a good idea to move your hands around the bars a bit. You can grip the tops of the hoods, the drops, corners of the bars, top of the bar, etc. You don't need to spend lots of time in different positions but if you move from the hoods just for a minute or two it will allow any compressed nerves or restricted bloodflow a bit of relief before moving back. A shake of your hands will help to restore bloodflow if you do get pins and needles. It only tends to happen to me when I'm pushing hard. I think it's because I move around less and have a tendency to subconciously grip the bar tighter.
  • Thanks guys tried moving hands around stretched and wore mitts and things were much better. :D
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    Excellent, wish mine would go away that easily. :(
  • It was a short ride ;)
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    That helps. The ride that's caused my current issues was anything but short :)
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    My 'pins and needles' are so tiresome (not painful thankfully) but eventually prompted me to go to the Quacks. Carpel tunnel or trapped nerve in shoulder it appears.

    Do you get it at night ? Whoops, rephrase you get the pins and needles also at night ?

    I do, and now wear a wrist splint thingmy !

    Anyone had the operation ?
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    I have it in my right hand permanently at the moment but it is slowly getting better- I could barely grip anything after the ride that caused it. Six weeks later now - I think it will fade with time.
    I caused it with an enormous ride though - 600 km in 40 hours. Also the shop I used to service the bike just before the ride ripped off my nice hand friendly cushioned bar tape and replaced it with their own-brand thin rubbish. This didn't help.

    I will not need an operation but I am now doing core exercises and will get a bike fit for my next purchase (coming at around Christmas time).

    My other half has had an operation for Carpal tunnel syndrom mind. Kept her off work for 3 months but it stopped it.
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    I had this problem and it was spoiling my attempts at riding, In the end after(!) I bought my Synapse 105 I went to a local bike fit expert in Norfolk and by working with him I no longer have the problem at all.

    He made a number of small adjustments to my bike but the overall affect has been brilliant, he also completely cured a problem I was having with my right foot going numb, he also found that I needed a much wider seat.

    Regarding the pins and needles in my hands, Matt also echoed what others have said, its important to keep moving your hands, as I am a fat git my bike is setup to encourage me to move about lot and as my gut shrinks it will be adjusted further.