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My Specialized Tarmac

GringoElDiabloGringoElDiablo Posts: 37
edited November 2013 in Your road bikes
Hi there,
this is my baby
It just needs an ultegra group on it then it will be the best there is :)



  • lawrenceslawrences Posts: 1,011
    Looks nice but the picture is from the wrong side.

    What groupset does it have on it at the moment?
  • I'll upload some sharper pictures in a minute :)
    At the moment I have Shimano Tiagra on it, standard when I bought the bike.
  • updated:)
  • What saddle is that?
  • DM222DM222 Posts: 90
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,767
    What saddle is that?

    looks like a Toupe
  • thefdthefd Posts: 1,021
    How big is the cassette? It looks ready for some steep climbs!
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  • cassette: 50-34 (compact) and rear 27-12 i think :)
    And yea, it's a Toupé. I love it
  • explosifpeteexplosifpete Posts: 1,327
    looks really nice and well done on the tyre choice, best clinches about
  • RiggaRigga Posts: 939
    That's a good looking bike!
  • Thank you :)

    I'll put some white bar tape. And maybe later the Ultegra group (dark)(image)
  • You guys think these tires would fit on my bike?
    They look very nice in my op. but I'm not sure if the color would fit. What do you think?
  • LiamWLiamW Posts: 358
    You want to sort that bar tape out. :)
  • Nice bike that mate!
    You'll notice a big difference when you do you upgrades. I went from a mix of 105 & Tiagra to glossy grey Ultegra, performance and aesthetically pleasing!
    Giant TCR Composite 3
  • I already have the white bare tape fitted. Looks GORGEOUS! Upgrading to Ultegra will be for this summer.
    Haha I ordered the Challege Parigi-roubaix tires, don't know what it will look like :). But they are 27mm... hopefully they won't be too wide for my frame... :?
  • LiamW wrote:
    You want to sort that bar tape out. :)
    Glad somebody else spotted that too! :D
    "It never gets easier, you just go faster"
  • matt_n-2matt_n-2 Posts: 581
    Just like mine but I have Ultegra 6700 and Open Pro on Miche Primato.
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  • Its nice, just not very understated is it.
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