SPD SL clip in difficulty

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I have been riding 105 SPD SL's for 6 months and once clipped in I like the feel etc. I have yellow cleats.

The problem I have is with the slipperness of the pedals whilst trying to clip in and also find it difficult to feel the front part of the cleat engaging under the front of the pedal.

I like the SPD SL stability and would not go back to normal spd BUT are there any better pedal cleat combinations where the there is more of a positve feel when inititaing the front of the cleat before the final sprung engagement?


  • hatch87
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    I think the speedplay zero stuff is suppose to be pretty easy. I have the same issue as you, but got quite good at pulling away even when not clipped in properly. Still get the odd slip off but its ok
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    Have you checked the tension on the pedals - setting it to the lowest tension might help getting in.

    I also found that adjusting the cleat position on my shoe made it much easier for me to clip in as i was obviously engaging into the pedal at a more natural angle meaning less slipping
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  • mechanism
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    I have Dura Ace 9000 pedals on my new bike and they're considerably easier to clip in and out of than my previous 105s.
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    And a bargain at only 4 ish times the price ;)
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    djm501 wrote:
    And a bargain at only 4 ish times the price ;)

    I was thinking 5 or 6 ish. Still, DA pedals are as good as it gets. Dependable, bombproof, not really any maintainence required. Can't fault them in any way.
  • mechanism
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    I wasn't really saying "buy Dura Ace", just that I also haven't found the 105 pedals to be that easy to use, and that the clip in/out action isn't consistent across the range in my limited experience.