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Hi everyone

Until this summer I hadn't cycled since a teen. I've been borrowing my daughter's bike most days and also hired one on holiday and I've fallen in love with cycling. So I've been thinking about getting a bike and I'm attracted to the Bobbin Brownie or Pashley Penny. I'd use it to go to the city centre for work (20 mins away I reckon) and around the park - I don't need to go fast! The price difference is £230 and I'm wondering if anyone here knows the models as the specs are going over my head so I'm not sure if the Pashley is worth the extra. They're both 13kg. The Pashley has 5 gears, no rack on the back. The Bobbin has 7 gears and a rack.

I know there are lots of similar brands but Evans is my closest shop so I've only looked at their stock. I'm hoping to call in over the weekend for a look. ... e-ec037611 ... e-ec033468

Also, I must admit that I have been cycling on the pavement until I reach a cycle path. Is it worth going on a bikeability course or should I just "man up" as my daughter would say?

Many, many thanks in advance for any help.


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    Welcome to the forum.
    If you can try and ride them both then pick the one that you like the best.
    If you feel the need by all means go on the course but IMO it will have limited advantages, just gradually build up to riding on the road and think of all drivers as idiots and you should be OK :)
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    Hi Lana, you may want to re post this in the commuter section as you are more likely to find people with experience of those particular bikes. Having said that with the Pashley you are buying a bit of history that will be incredibly well made and will offer a bit of luxury. Try them both but the Pashley for me wins hands down aesthetically
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    Thank you both. I'm sorry if it's in the wrong place, I've been nosing on here for the last couple of days trying to learn all the terms and I don't quite know my way around!

    I suspect my heart is with the Pashley but was just afraid of making an expensive mistake and realising later that the Bobbin was a better deal.

    That's a good thought to keep in mind diamonddog!
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    For commuting, in addition to the bike I'd recommend a helmet and a fluorescent jacket to assist others to see you, as well as lighting now that the nights are drawing in.

    Hope you find your ideal bike.
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