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Some good news and some bad news...

Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
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Son got his results today... 4 C and 2 B. This despite having opted out of the education offered by our local college and having spent the last six months at their off site centre due to his disruptive behaviour and use of cannabis and having done no homework or revision.

Eldest son got the news today that he is being made redundant only weeks after splitting up with his girl ... They have a two year old son who is my first grandson.

Not sure whether to laugh or cry...


  • VTechVTech Posts: 4,736
    I hope things start to pick up for you mike, what industry was he in ?
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  • ballysmateballysmate Posts: 15,903
    It doesn't matter how you try to raise your kids, how good a parent you are, sometimes they just will not listen. Hopefully your youngest will sort himself out.
    I hope your eldest finds another job soon, but regardless, it will not stop you cherishing your grandson.
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    They are both great kids and I'm very proud of them, youngest does seem to be turning the corner and I'm pretty impressed with how he has altered the education system to suit himself. Shows great strength of character methinks! Have enticed eldest over tomorrow with grandson as I've sold my soul to the sky sports devil so we can watch cricket which we are both passionate about.

    Eldest is a mencap manager but contracts are all up for grabs as Cornwall council want their adult social care on the cheap so his job disappears. Had similar issues in my own organisation but we get the contracts but with a pat cut!
  • I'd be very fearful if I worked in the public sector now, but on the positive side he should have enough transferable skills to get re-employed quickly.
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  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Yes, I think they have trained him to a pretty high standard so it seems a bit strange that they should let go someone whom they have invested a lot of money in. I think that workers in the care industry have become pretty used to it and are always thinking ahead and applying for other jobs. Always a difficult time as contracts are being negotiated and county are always wanting service at the best price .. Then it settles down till the next time. I'm fortunate that I enjoy doing what I do but don't particularly need the money as i have my CSP but very tough if its your primary income
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