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Well I had my first experience of changing an inner tube at the side of the road tonight, so much for going out for a quick ride!

I had a puncture a while ago from a small sharp stone, not an issue. It left a tiny chunk out of the tyre though. What happened today is that I picked up a piece of glass in that same bit of tyre, and now there's a bigger chunk missing (say 2mmx2mm, tapering to almost nothing as it looks at the tyre depth.

So, questions...

1) I'm guessing this will keep attracting sharp stone and glass and increase my likelihood of punctures?
2) Can I patch/fill this in some way? They're Vittoria Zaffiro with only around 200 miles on them, so would be a pain to lose them.
3) Any recommendations on puncture resistant tyres? There are plenty that claim it, but are there any to go for or avoid?

On another note, thank you to all cyclists who bother to just check "are you ok mate?" as they cycle past. It's a tiny gesture but makes you feel much cheerier when you're changing a tyre :).


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    I'd say you'd be better off ditching it, especially approaching autumn/winter as the time, effort and money you'll waste fixing punctures will equate to more than a new tyre.

    And it will let you down at the worst time on the wettest day!

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  • Ok, cheers. I've ordered some Gatorskin Hardshells from Wiggle, and will patch up this inner tube as a spare.

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    I got sick of this happening with my Zafiros, I think they're made of plasticine maybe? Mine have nicks and cuts all over them.

    I've recently (2weeks ago) ditched them for a pair of Conti Gatorskins which after about 300miles still don't have a single mark or chunk taken out of them yet...

    They seem to get a lot of good reviews and at £40 a pair they're not going to break the bank.
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  • I went for the hardshells in the end (£50 for the pair) since the only criticism the Gatorskins only seem to attract is around the sidewall strength, and the Hardshells have more reinforcement on the sidewalls. Hopefully I've made a wise choice!

    Cheers for the replies.
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    I'd carry on running it to be honest. Sometimes I'll put superglue in small nicks on tyres but mostly I wont bother.
    The chances of getting a puncture in exactly the same spot are pretty minimal.