All of these "how much do you spend" threads - nice backfire

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I am lucky enough (it would seem) to only have to justify expenditure to myself, which is often a confused and convoluted process, involving much imagination and procrastination. Here is a good example.

I wanted a steel bike. I saw a Lemond Zurich on here, built in reynolds 853 - so I bought it. As an aside, the misses has been after a road bike for a while.

Over dinner that night.

"I've bought a new bike. Hopefully it'll fit you, it it doesn't I'll ride it" sideways look :whistle:

It does fit her. She rides it all the time - including to work - and we are doing the huntingdon sportive together in Sept. Good result all in, including the fact I still need a steel bike.

The thing is, she really needs a new workshop stand now :D
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