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£650 Do better than a Triban 5?

bezaabezaa Posts: 8
edited August 2013 in Road buying advice

I am getting new bike shortly through the cycle to work scheme.

I was originally looking at the Triban 5, however I have managed to convince the wife to allow me a bit more in my budget to stretch to £650 for the bike. I am allowing an additional £180 for pedals, shoes, bottles etc.

Is there anything out there for that budget that is worth paying the extra for? Or am I best just saving a little cash and getting the Triban as the review in last months Cycle Plus Mag and the Decathlon website sing high praises.



  • id get the basso devil xenon wiggle have if you fit the sizes. i would snap one up if i wasnt so lanky.

    maybe not the best bang for the buck, and its a 2012 model but imo thats not everything when it comes to a bike.
  • The Triban 5 is an amazing bike for the money. For £650 you could consider this, which is slightly higher but completely unrivaled at that price range: ... yId_165710

    I would say the Boardman is the better bike but pound for pound the Triban represents the best value for money. I am actually considering the Triban 5 myself as a winter training bike.
  • zx6manzx6man Posts: 1,092
    Ribble have a summer special for 599 with similar spec, worth a look. ... =conf_SERA
  • plus the basso is just a tad more interesting and unusual than a run of the mill ten a penny triban/ribble/boardman, imo
  • zx6manzx6man Posts: 1,092
    plus the basso is just a tad more interesting and unusual than a run of the mill ten a penny triban/ribble/boardman, imo

    And down from nearly a grand. Does look good that too.
  • Seems like a good deal for sure. Wouldn't call Triban or Boardman run of the mill or ten a penny though... Giant, Cannondale and Specialized on the other hand...
  • For an extra £30 on top of your budget you could have 105. ... -prod85585
  • never heard of vitus myself (but doesnt mean anything!) but looks nice.

    i think u know what i mean re. triban/boardman being run of the mill. there fine bikes, and probably the best value for money for what you get along with giants/cubes, but imo i see an awful lot of them, along with spesh, treks 'dales etc (there are lots about as there all good bikes and great value) but from a personal viewpoint i like something a bit different/unusual that you wont see many of (if any). ive never seen a basso in the flesh, have now idea how it rides, but ive read good things about other models in their range and they look pretty. plus i hadnt actually noticed how much that wiggle one was reduced. it may not be the best specced you can get for that money, but it has something extra about it i think.

    if it were me its a no brainer (so long as it fits, and you can send them back to wiggle if it doesn't i think). but it all depends what the op wants from his bike.

    plus its a ton under budget, so you can get brownie points or put the savings towards something else, be it kit or upgrades.
  • bezaabezaa Posts: 8
    Cheers for all the input folks, that Vitus looks interesting especially for the price, I quite like the (asthetic) look of the Ribble to.

    The Triban 7 I suppose is another option as the group set looks better.

    ooo lots to consider and annoy the wife with!

    Thanks again.
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