Lube on carbon frames

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What - if any - lube does one use on a carbon bike for seatposts, etc? Just got my first carbon steed and was wondering this, as I adjusted the saddle...

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  • keef66
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    Just install it dry if it doesn't slip, otherwise get some carbon assembly paste which will stop it slipping.

    (It was always recommended to grease metal seatposts in metal frames periodically in order to prevent corrosion which could make the thing impossible to remove / adjust)
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    I use fiber grip for my carbon post in an alloy frame. Read the back of a tube in your LBS or do a google, I think its for carbon on carbon as well. ... -gel-50ml/
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    for cf/metal post/frame, carbon paste is advisable, it'll reduce the chance of corrosion binding the post in place

    for cf/cf, assembly paste will reduce clamping force

    hair spray can be used to prevent slipping, but long term it will give no protection for cf/metal and can be water soluble, so if you ride all weather you may eventually experience a sinking sensation :)
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