Dura ace 7900 c50 question

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Hi guys and girls
I have an on going problem with my rear hub. Rather than me going on about the fault which is now driving me crazy im going to get straight the point. The obvious thing to do would be to buy a new shimano rear hub or try to have this one repaired yet again but one thing thats on my mind is a ask whether its possible to buy a new hope pro 3 hub and have that laced to the rim. This may be a completely silly question but I know nothing about wheel construction. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


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    You will have to bin your spokes and you are left with the rim as the only usable part... I have never had a close look at the DA C50 rim, to see whether it accepts "normal" nipples of some sort or only takes Shimano proprietary ones (slightly bigger), so that needs to be assessed too.
    What exactly is wrong with your rear hub that cannot be repaired?
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