Focus Cayo Evo 4.0 / 5.0

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Hi All,

I have been riding a specialised secteur for 3 years and fancied something a little more racey. I had been looking at the Cannondale Synapse but tried a Focus Cayo in a large size.

The secteur is size 56cm and whilst the Focus is comfortable it feels much bigger than the Secteur. My arms are straight and feels much more of a stretch. Is this because of what I am used to or is the Focus sizing just not for me!

Also, what are you opinions on the difference between a focus 4.0 and 5.0 - it appears to be the brakes only and a very small amount of weight. I am 12.5 stone so the weight of the bike is really not an issue!!!

Many Thanks



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    Its not necessarily quite as simple as just this but check the top tube length of the Spesh - you should be able to find the geo on the spesh web page. If the Spesh sizing feels good then finding a frame with a similar top tube length should allow a similar position to be found. 54 56 58 etc usually refers to seat tube length but top tube is more important.
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    I made exactly the same change from a Secteur comp to an Evo 4.0 and went from a 54 in the Secteur to a 53 in the Focus. The position is more racy then the Secteur as that's designed as a relaxed geometry bike with the sloping top tube which can be a bit misleading when comparing to other bikes. The reason I went to the Evo was because I wanted a less sat up position but without going too aggressive which I feel it isn't. This fit me perfectly for spec, value and fit. I chose the 4.0 for the full Ultegra (except FSA crankset) and can say going from the 105 brakes on the Secteur to Ultegra on the Evo has definitely been an improvement, they're just even more reassuring, sometimes more than enough but I'm getting used to that. Other differences I believe are the forks are slightly higher grade carbon but may be wrong, the crankset is a higher spec FSA (Energy vs Gossamer) and handlebars are FSA vs Concept EX. The other finishing kit on both are Concept EX so the same. Also the colour scheme on the 4.0 stood right out to me and the little blue touches were exactly to my taste.

    I've had the Evo about 7 weeks and have had a retul fit last week as got it thrown in with the purchase and I'm even happier now with the position after some little tweaks. I also had a retul on my Secteur and that was made to be as racy as possible within it's limits with the stem slammed, a longer stem, saddle raised and pushed back and the result was similar to you say about my arms feeling stretched out but they weren't locked out and it worked for me. Coming across for me hasn't been too much different as arms are similar which apparently is spot on after my fit but the overall position is more focused (excuse the pun) than the Secteur.