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As the Subject suggests:- Anyone used the guys at Bike Science in Bristol for one of their Retul fitting sessions?

If you have, would you recommend them? Good/Bad points?

I'm seriously considering splashing the cash on a session with them before I build my new bike up.

I've never had a proper fit before and think I'd benefit from one, mostly comfort wise rather than performance!! :oops:

Cheers people!!
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    I've used them for my initial TT bike fit which was okay, but have very mixed feelings towards their fitting technique with road bikes. Then again I was a fitter myself for many years so I'm probably far more critical than most.
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    Copy and pasta;

    I had a fit with Andy at Bike Science on Thursday.

    Reason I went was because I was getting a very sharp and painful ligament pain (the LCL) I had tried cleat wedges, in shoe wedges, inner soles, cleat adjustment, spaced the pedal out a couple of mm and just could not get rid of the pain.

    Well I thought my saddle set up was about right so didn't touch it and as i'm doing the Ride-London 100 mile sportive, needed to solve this as I was only managing 1 hour or 20 odd miles before pain set in.

    So, went to Andy, first thing, saddle way too low so that went up.

    Then had a flexibility/mobility/strength assesement. Then back on the bike and started recording some data for each side.

    Made adjustments to the bike, stem was flipped, saddle all the way back (was all the way forward!)

    Back on the bike, much better, next cleat shims, 6mm on my right leg (the one with the pain) cleat wedges added both sides and adjusted.

    Back on the bike, readings taken again, much better!

    Went out tonight for an hour, and it's like night and day, feel so much more efficient, and best of all, no pain!!!

    So yes, very happy with Andy and his service.

    Fitting was 2 1/2 hours long. 150 pounds. For me, was worth it, especially if you think about long term damage I could of done etc.
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    My experience is basically the same as adam0bmx0. Andy made very similar changes, including raising the saddle by about 2cm, moving it back slightly, raising bars and put 4 shims under my left shoe and 3 under my right (I pronate a lot). He's also recommended doing some exercises to strengthen my glutes (upper body, core strength and flexibility were all good). I've been suffering from piriformis syndrome with resulting numbness in my left foot and calf for some time when pushing hard, but on the half dozen rides I've had since going, my pedalling feels much smoother, weight much more evenly distributed across soles of feet and feel better balanced (I also thought I had it pretty well set up before). Most importantly, the numbness symptoms have reduced considerably and feeling better each time. For me, money very well spent!