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Cinelli Saetta Sprint Veloce (2012)

secretsamsecretsam Posts: 4,904
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So, following some debate on various forums (fora?), I took the plunge and went all Italian. I'd always wanted a Campagnolo-equipped bike as a kid, and now I've got one!

The Cinelli replaced (sort of...) a Cannondale CAAD 8 Sora, which was a superb bike and rode like a dream, but was a bit "big" for me - I'm 173cm but only have 78cm inseam, so need a relatively low standover height. So the compact Cinelli seemed perfect. Plus, I wanted a new bike and to try a carbon frame for first time... :lol:

Anyway, first things first - a few minor gripes. If I'd paid the full list price of £1800 I'd have been a little miffed at the amount of Miche rather than Campag bits. Not that they are inferior - the brakes are fine, for example - but it just looks a little less classy! But I only paid £1100, so I'm not that bothered.

More of an issue was that my bike came with an insanely narrow bar (39cm c-c on a Med (54) frame) - which Wiggle have rectified, free of charge (ta guys!) by sending a replacement. Finally, white bar tape and saddle on a bike with lots of white looks...a little OTT. The bar tape's already filthy after one ride and some brief spanner work so that's on it's way out when I change the bars!

And the pros? It rides like a dream. It has some of the absorption of my old 531 steelie, but the stiffness when going for it of the CAAD...some lighter wheels will no doubt be fitted in the near future (dear Father Christmas...) and in the very short term the vittoria tractor tyres will be replaced with Michelin pro 4s, both of which will help the wheels to do the frame justice. The bike responds beautifully when you go for it, but is happy to just pootle along (which is just as well, with my fat ar53 on it). I'm still getting used to the compact (the CAAD has a triple) but I LOVE the Campag shifters, which I know is not true of all riders! The shift quality is excellent and the shifters themselves work like a dream, with the button so much better placed than on my old Sora items...

I'll post a photo on here ASAP once I've sorted the bars, etc. and fitted some bottle cages, etc. Wiggle, Ribble et al will be seeing some business for a new 'puter, as my old wired Cateye really would look shameful on this bike!

In the meantime, I'll be playing with my new toy!

It's just a hill. Get over it.


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