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I did the Etape Caledonia cycle route yesterday, albeit from a different starting point. I used my Garmin 500, which had about 1 hour to adjust to the ambient temperature etc. prior to setting off - so it should have gave accurate readings.

After completing the route the Garmin was reading about 4700ft, which was inline with what I had been told to expect. On uploading to Strava, Garmin Connect and RideWithGPS they were all in the 4300ft - 4800ft range. However, Runkeeper for some reason said that it was 10117ft. I can't see any obvious erroneous data points that might have caused it, anyone any ideas as it's the same source data file - even doing a "snap to roads" in Runkeeper doesn't make any difference.

Runkeeper Activity
http://runkeeper.com/user/stevesaunders ... e36=3s5ncb

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  • I too am having erroneous readings when it comes to the 500. Mates are using the 305 and I'm normally climbing nearly 1000ft on every ride despite taking the exact same route

    We'll watch this thread with interest

  • It's not something I have a problem with normally ... there will be a couple of hundred feet difference between different websites, as they use different algorithms for analysing the data - I can accept this. But more than 5000ft is taking the micky.

    I got in touch with Runkeeper and they said :
    Sorry to hear you're having some problems with Elevation! Some users have seen this issue before, but you can typically fix it by finding the trip in error, clicking Edit, then moving one point on the map, even just a little bit, then saving the trip. This should jog the activity and fix the elevation.

    RunKeeper uses a third party service to source this information from a company called Topocoding, who we have no control over. If you believe your area is misrepresented elevation wise, you can head over to http://topocoding.com/ to find more information.

    I tried editing a point, deleting the initial start / end points ... and also spent about 2 hours adjusting a lot of points , where it had cut corners, so that the points where on the road. As the route contains some hilly sections where the road is flat but hills either side, this cutting of corners may be adding in a lot of additional climbing. This made a slight difference of about 400ft, bringing it down to 9700ft - still about 5000 too much. Can't see any duff data points even on max zoom level. A mates ride of the route earlier in the year has the correct elevation information, so it's unlikely that the third party service they use has misrepresented the elevation for that area.

    Looks like I'm stuck with crap elevation data :-(