Looking for a beginner club in North Leeds

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I'm new to riding, taken it up as a less monotonous way to train for the national 3 peaks and found out I absolutely love it in the process.

I'm wondering if there are any clubs for beginners in the North Leeds area? Im currently living just off the A65 in the Horsforth area and am able to do about 25 miles a time, but I'm wanting to up that and looking for a more social way of doing it in the process.

Anyone know of anywhere, or got any hints if there arent any clubs?


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    Ask the guy who works in the TRIangle triathlon shop in Horsforth. Situated at the end of Long Row by the roundabout opposite a pub.

    When I was in there a few weeks ago, we ended up talking about the very subject. The shop owner knew a few cycle clubs and where they meet, etc. I cant really remember what he said as I don't work in Leeds, at the time I was down visiting family when I had time off.

    When I cycled around west Leeds my first impression was you can't avoid cycling up hill no matter where you go ! ( I did a circular route... Pudsey or Stanningly, to Armley,to Burley, up Otley Road into Headingly, to Lawnswood, to Horsforth, to Rawdon, toYeadon, break the sound barrier going down Apperley Lane to Greengates, then turn left towards Calverly on Carr Road or loooong slog uphill towards Bradford up Harrogate Road, then loop back to start). You'll get fitter with quads of steel in no time.
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  • http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/clubfinder

    get on here and have a look, mail a few. tbh most clubs will have a couple of runs out, one for more serious and onen for beginners, don't stress tho, they won't just leave you behind if you fall back. go along see how you get on
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    I ride with Airedale Olympic. We have a Saturday morning ride to a cafe near Bolton Abbey. That's about 40 miles round trip and is (mostly) not hilly. Pace is steady - you won't be left behind! You'd be welcome to come along and see how you find it. That ride meets in Yeadon at 9:30 and is back late lunchtime.


    There's also Leedsmeetup cycling group - I went out with them once and they met in Headingley. But that ride took nearly all day to get to Harewood and back. http://www.meetup.com/Leeds-Cyclists/

    Incidentally, whilst there is always up and down, you can go a surprisingly long way without inflicting any big climbs on yourself. You can go all the way along the ridge between the Aire and Wharfe valleys almost as far as Keighley and all the way back to places like Bramham without having to face horrible climbs like Apperley Lane or the Chevins on yourself! Great views too!
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    Try these guys, they seem really nice


    Not joined myself yet just want to get some miles in first