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South Wales or Northern England?

OTimmsOTimms Posts: 14
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Hi there,
I'm trying to arrange a four day trip in mid-September and was wondering which might be better South Wales or Northern England.

South Wales would be Cwmcarn, Afan, Brechfa and probably one other around the Brecon's.

Northern England being Lee/Crag Quarries, Grizedale, Whinlatter and possibly Llandegla (yes, Wales) on the way home.

Which would be best/hardest?



  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    I'd like to try the South Wales option, but only because I'm from the North West.

    Lee/Cragg, Whinlatter, Gisburn and Llandegla would be my chosen 4, I've never ridden Grizedale but I've not heard good things about the North Face Trail there. Gisburn is a great place with really varied riding.
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Does it have to be trail centres. I dont know S Wales at all never having ridden any further south than Brecon but in the NW we have some of the best rides in Britain, if you cant have a good ride in the Lakes your doing it wrong.
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  • OTimmsOTimms Posts: 14
    Thanks for the response guys.

    Stubs, It doesn't have to be trail centres, just want to be assured of a decent technical ride. I'm a bit lazy in the sence that you know almost exactly what you get at a trail centre and I don't know the area. That said, if you have any recommended routes I'm open to suggestions! (Looking for Red bordering Black grade stuff, about 35-50km, or a couple of decent laps at 15-20km)

    McNultyCop, I appreciate the advice about Grizedale. You don't seem to hear much about the NW trails where I am. (West Mids) Although it's great, I'd like to replace Llandegla with another ride because I go there quite often.
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Theres too many routes to list here but this is one of my favourites. and this one was the hardest ride of my life we did it on a very blowy hot sunny day and should have had more water. Dont let the short distances fool you this is proper mountain biking none of that mincing round a trail centre before drinking frothy coffee, both have sections that make the blackest trail centre black look a delicate shade of blue. If you can do both rides without getting off and walking at some point you are one hell of a lot better than me.
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  • dtpdtp Posts: 9
    Just back from doing CwmCarn (Twrch), Afan (W2) and Brechfa (Gorlech) over the bank holiday.

    All good fun, CwmCarn has a relatively technical ascent and a fast descent. W2 is great, not hugely technical but lots of fast sections. Gorlech is lots of fun and probably has the hardest descents of the three trails imo (think fast, exposed and lots of jumps if you've got the balls!) but nearly all the climbing is on fire roads.

    If you're looking to string on another day have you thought about an uplift day at Bike Park Wales? Might be nice not have to push up when your legs are tired at the end of the trip...

    PM me if you want more info or suggestions on accommodation.
  • To the OP (or anyone else) ...

    If you wanted to make it the last weekend in September instead (27-29th), a group of us are heading up to the Lakes, and have spare places in the bunkbarn accom we have booked ... see this thread:


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