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My wife has recently taken up cycling and so far is enjoying it very much. However some of her rides have been, shall we say, a little longer than she expected, due to the odd wrong turn or three. I decided to look for some sort of cycling/mapping app and have downloaded cyclemeter.

Has anyone had experience using Cyclemeter? I've managed to download the app and import .gpx files with the idea being that my better half can then use her iphone to follow a route. However when I was testing it my location kept going off the edge of the map as I moved along (on the map tab and not the stopwatch tab). Does anyone know if there is a setting whereby your current location remains in the middle of the screen and it is the mapping which moves?Otherwise it would appear you would have to manually scroll the map to keep up with you location.

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    Not really of much help but I use Cyclemeter for both on and off road. I use it more as a tool to record what I have done rather than as a GPS as such.
    I have noticed though if I try to zoom in on the route I have just done you have to manually move the map around to see it. I think this is the same for when you use it as a route guide as well. There is an add on you can pay for so not sure whether that will do what you want.
    Have you tried strava? I think you can see where you are on the map using that.
    Just tell her its not getting lost its just "exploring" :lol: