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Now I only wanted a test ride.

Burning QuadsBurning Quads Posts: 5
edited August 2013 in MTB beginners
Just wanted to say hi.

New to this site, thought I'd join and get some advice from those in the know. Been riding for fun for the last 3 years on a basic cross bike. was going to go down the road bike route, but soon realised that I get more enjoyment out of cycling through the wooded areas.
Now, I only went into the bike shop for a test ride, honestly. but after a chat and having a go on a few bikes I ended up buying a cube aim disc 29. And to be honest it was my wife's fault because she spotted a few paint chips and got 20% off the price. And from a newbie point of view I'm amazed by the clearance and comfort, been down tracks i could only push my previous bike. So for now I'm happy.
So I look forward to any tips for a beginner.


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