sat nav apps for android

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Does anybody have any recommendations for a decent (cycling) sat nav app for Android?

So far I've tried google maps , copilot and bikehub.

There seems to be a basic issue with all of them that the routes suggested aren't particularly sensible for a road bike.

Google maps tries to force you onto (generally unrideable) cycle paths all the time, and the routes tend to be a bit random, very stop start and generally not the quickest route from A to B. It is also very battery hungry, as the phone screen remains at full brightness all the time.

Copilot looks like it should be good, with a lot of useful options such as dimming the screen between directions to save battery - But the fastest route from Hinckley to Warwick, does definitely not involve going through the centre of Birmingham. The proposed route is about 3 or 4 times the distance it should be!

Bikehub, is really slow to run for the routes I've looked at and gives you the choice of either a slow and excessively long route taking in lots of cycle paths and avoiding all hills, or (fast/short) routes using dual cariageways.

I'm not a particular fan of bike paths (or dual cariageways) and was thinking that the best option might be to use an app intended for car use and set it to avoid motorways and dual carriage ways. But whilst virtually all the car sat nav apps let you avoid motorways, finding one which lets you avoid dual carriageways as well is proving more difficult.

Any suggestions?