3 month anniversary - feel like I'm flying

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So, I posted my first ride on Strava exactly 3 months ago today and it was my first ever ride on a road bike. I averaged a cracking speed of 14.7mph over 12.5miles and I can remember the burn in my legs and thinking how hard road riding was, but I loved it. Here's the detail....


A couple of rides later I went out with a friend who does TT and I was astonished at just how much faster and stronger he was. I spent the grand total of 10 miles breathing out my ass and pushing as hard as I could to keep him in sight. It ruined me completely, but it was then that I realised I had work to do, and lots of it.

I'm no stranger to pushing myself to my limits from years of body building and running, and since that first ride I've done a 50 miler, started having personal spin coaching, and generally worked my ass off to get quicker, fitter, and stronger. This morning I went out for what was supposed to be a recovery ride, at the advise of my spin coach, but I set off quick and just didn't let off (I'm not sure riding gently is possible for me and I'm guessing many of you know what I mean). Here's the Strava....


My previous best was an average of 18.5mph but this morning I just stepped it up. I felt invincible! Hills were like mere specks of inconvenient Tarmac begging to be annihilated. Flats were like quarter mile drag strips which I just soared across as if rolling resistance didn't exist. Ok, I'm talking utter shite, but I'm proper stoked with my new bench mark of 19mph average, and over a reasonable distance too.

Not bad for my 3 month anniversary. I hope you all have a great weekend of riding too. :)


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    Excellent ... Thanks for sharing that!
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    You've come a very long way in a short time, well done :-)
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  • kudos mate...keep it going.
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    I found it's not to hard after consistent riding to up your average to the 17-20mph mark as a newbie, it's above that is where it's much harder to increase your average speed. Great work though. 8)
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    Impressive stuff for a man of 73. :)
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    Very well done. Reminds me of myself when I first mounted the bike I exploded on a hill. Months later I was doing up to 10 repeats of it incorporated into a ride!

    Keep it up and don't forget to take regularly take things up a notch.
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    Thanks peeps. The gains will of course slow down, and as stated, upping the averages is going to get harder. Am focusing on hill climbs at the moment and working at lower cadences to build strength and power in my legs. I find this helps me to increase my speed when I then get back to the 90-100 rpm range.

    Any good training plans or ideas I'd be interested to hear about.