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Hi all.

I was just wondering if anyone from here is taking part in the
75mile off road ride from london to brighton on 21st september

I done this last year its s great day and really looking foward to it this year


  • zznmfc
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    Yup - I'm donig it with a few work colleagues and friends. I've rideen the whole route in parts but looking forward to doing the full thing.

    Do you have any tips based on your experience of last year?

    Thanks, Mike.
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    Lol. Erm...... just keep pedalling lol.


    Enjoy it. Its a great day
  • Looking forward to the ride. My first one and hopefully not the last.

    Does anyone have a spare entry needing a good home? I have a colleague who want to do the ride.
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    I'm doing it this year as well on my Cube AMS 100. Just wondering what an average time to complete the event would be? Also, I know the trains don't accept bikes for the normal L2B but has anyone taken their bike back to London on the train for the Offroad event?
    Looking forward to the challenge, my longest ride so far was 85km, so will be pushing myself, but I guess the terrain isn't quite as demanding as a normal XC route.
    Hoping for good weather too, a wet day wouldn't quite be as fun I'm imagining!
  • I read the conditions on the First Capital Connect site, and it would suggest that you are allowed to take a bike on the train for that day / route? Unless anyone knows different, as I was planning to use this option?
  • Last year no one had a problem with taking bikes on the train. It was funny getting to rohampton uni in the morning. We got the train from london to barnes at 6 in morning and the entire train was packed with bikes and bikers. Not so funny for the saturday commuters but funny for us all to watch.
    We done it In 8 ish hours but 6 hours moving time. Plan on taking it a bit slower this year with maybe a couple of stops at a couple of pubs..... not too many though.

    Just over a week to go. Hope all that are doing it are well prepared. See you all at terrettes hill.

    Those that havnt done it before terrettes hill im sure you will work out what one it is lol
    I give you a clue......... 90% of people will be walking it.
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    Geez I hope the weather won't be like this next Saturday!
  • Number came through today. 5950 keep your eyes open and say hi
  • Im in!! Not sure how im getting there yet as i live in sussex so train will take ages :-( rode the downslink on sun, took just under 3 hours to do from start to finish! Hopefully the rest is as flat and smooth! Should be a good day! So far weathers looking good too :-D
  • well jel! (as the youngsters say) Its a brilliant day out, did it 2 years ago and haven't got my A into G to get on it since. The weather looks Ok for Saturday too. Its a really good route. The steady climb from Shere to just shy of Cranleigh was brilliant.

    Hope all goes well for all riding it. Don't forget to do a few laps of the random pelodrome!
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    im doing it too. last year was BONE dry and lovely conditions. This year it might be a bit muddier I guess. Made it almost half way up 'that' hill last year. This year I'll walk from the bottom lol.
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    Well that was a little bit tough. Good weather and not much mud, so pretty ideal conditions. I almost had a heart attack when I realised I'd not yet put the cleats on my new shoes! Had to ask about 100 people if anyone had one before someone suggested the bike hire guy who had one set left woohoo! Set off at 8, and apart from an encounter with a bunch of thorns had a good run. Props to the couple of guys I saw riding it on single speed fat bikes. Massage was so good at the end almost fell asleep :-). Ended up crossing the line in 6 hrs 5 min.
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    I enjoyed it much more last year when it was bone dry and fast. The fault was my own. I was totally undertrained for the ride. Did about 7 rides since the ride last year and this was only my second time on my mountain bike since them.

    Plus I was in pain the whole way due to being pushed off my bike near the start.
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