Solo pit Thetford Dusk Till Dawn Help!!!!

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Riding my first event this October and don’t understand the pit rules.
The solo pit
What is it?
Am I allowed outside help in it as its “off course”
Is it like motor sports where I can park a van (transit) to keep the girlfriend and son out of the rain and feed me sarnies and coffee or perhaps fit spares?

If it’s a closed area, what am I allowed (if anything) to leave there, like spares, clothes, sleeping bag/

This may all seem a little daft, but I have no idea. I’ve ridden the course but never seen the event.
Will be going to the Gorrick Torq in Your Sleep to find out more but would really appreciate some help.
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    I can only comment on the Gorrick but I guess it's similar.
    Solo riders Have the area alongside the track reserved for tents etc so that wives/girlfriends/supporters can pass food and drink on the go.
    Bike repairs have to be completed by you but parts etc can be passed across from supporters, the only restriction seems to be they keep out of the competitors way.
  • I'm also looking at doing this solo (cant get a team togther yet) and was wondering much the same (Not bout G/f though as cant see her staying there while i race, she'd rather be in bed sleepin!)

    Also, as a solo racer i'm not sure i can manage 12hrs non stop. It says a rider must be on teh track at all time, but i sort of asume this applies only to teams. I mean if i need a break for 10 mins, can i come off track at the solo pits an rest? Does this sort of thing happen at other events?
  • Guys, D2D is the most laid back and fun 12 hour you'll ever do, so don't get too stressed about it. Solo camping is usually away from the hubub a bit to allow for people trying to get a bit of shut eye. In effect the pits are a technical zone where you can feed and make repairs etc. Once on the course you are on your own and you have to sort yourself out with whatever you are carrying. You can receive help from another rider if they choose to do so, but that apart no outside assistance on the course. So for example if like I've done you shed a pedal a few hundred metres into the course, its unlucky and keep going one way or another if you can't fix it. When you get back to the solo pits you can do pretty much what you like.

    Bottom line: If you aren't going to podium, no one will bother you too much whatever you do. Just enjoy. its a blast.
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    D2D pit area is normally a large marquee where you can leave some food and spare. There are tables provided and lighting is on all night. It is right by the track so you can nip in after a lap and switch bottles. If you are planning to stop then leave a chair there too. If you have someone to help you they can hang around in there. There is often some trackside parking but this does get filled up pretty quickly. There is lots of camping and parking space around the solo marquee.

    Torq12:12 doesn't have a solo tent but has lots of trackside camping/parking.
  • Thanks for the help.
    Went and watched some of the Gorrick Torque ... and got a much better idea now.
    The way I see it,

    The marquee for solo riders is to give shelter for those without outside help.

    My girlfriend owes for all the long runs support I've given her over the years. So the plan is to park the car in the solo pit area. Put up a small garden Gazeebo (others did this at the Gorrick) use it has a rain shelter with a camp bed and gas stove for coffee (£45- Ebay and £100 cheaper than renting a van!).
    When I finish a lap an need some repairs and exit the course correctly, use the shelter to get them done.
    I'm no contender for medals, just a mid life crisis fat bloke trying to push life a little further!

    See u there!
    Chinese All Carbon Hybrid, mixed with overdraft and research.
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    Not enough: bikes, garage space or time.
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    Good luck man, I've done a 12 solo during the day and enjoyed it. Just make sure your batteries (in your lights) are up to it!
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