help! what should i do?

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I am looking for a new bike, I used to have a giant scr 2 wich is very old. I had this as my first bike but I want to upgrade because its too small for me and I would like something a bit faster i am also doing a charty cycel for 300 miles to paris i have been looking at loads of differant bikes and i have done all my resurch but i was wondering if it would be better to by a tt bike instead of a road bike beacuse you can put weight on your arms and not just on you saddle where you can have saddle sour plus it means in the fuiter i can do time trials quicker and compete but i still dont know what i should get or what i should be looking at thank you :) p.s. sorry for bad grammer and spelling....


  • buy a road bike.

    TT bikes are't built for comfort and your fellow riders won't appreciate someone in the group being on tt bars, its dangerous!
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    tt bars aren't to take weight off the saddle, they are to help you get in a low drag riding position, you can always add tt bars to a road bike in future if you want to go that way

    a properly sized/set-up bike and saddle, with padded bibshorts and chamois cream are what will keep your bum happy

    you don't mention budget, if you give an idea then you may get some suggestions for which bikes to look at
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny