Turbo: Bkool or Kinetic Rock and Roll?

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I've narrowed it down to these 2 turbo trainers.
In terms of cost they are almost identical once you buy the pro flywheel and ANT USB stick for the RnR.

I like the computer controlled resistance (VR) of the Bkool, uploading your own routes and the vast library of videos.
I also like the swaying of the RnR along with it's use with TrainerRoad, build quality and lifetime warranty.

Are there any Bkool owners out there that could sway me either way?


  • I have literally just bought the KK Road Machine and it is extremely well put together.

    I considered the rock and roll but thought that the "R&R" would get little use for the additional money.

    Vanilla Bikes have them at VERY good prices...
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    i can see the attraction of the vr, question is will you really use it that much in preference to going out?

    i've got the non r&r kinetic, normally i only use the turbo for hard intervals that'd be dodgy on public roads, a sufferfest dvd is ok for that, although sometimes i just use a timer and listen to music

    the kinetic has great road feel, resistance is progressive as on the road, even the standard flywheel let's you pedal very naturally (unlike magnetic resistance units i've tried), with the big one it must be even better

    i've got a pm so don't have the kurt computer, but the trainer's power curve is well defined, if you've got an existing bike computer with speed sensor on the rear wheel you can determine power from 'speed' and save some money

    tbh i think it's largely personal preference/situation, if you're in the position where available riding times/routes limit your options, the vr could make simulated 'general' riding much more tolerable (with a big fan to cool you)
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    Thanks for the replies. I've gone for the Bkool in the end in the hope that the VR side of things (enabling me to re-ride my usual training routes etc) might make it more fun, along with all the other videos etc.

    I'll only be using it when the roads are wet during the Winter - I'm hoping to get out as much as possible all year round.
  • Hi, any thoughts on the Bkool, our club benefits from 10% off at our LBS which means it could be had for £360

    Not sure if I've got my gedgety head and not my cycling head on and should be going for a non VR turbo?

    Does it not doing anything a standard quality TT can do?
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  • The movement of the RnR is well worth the extra £ IMO. Really does feel like hammering it on the road, and even the two 2 Hr sessions I've subjected myself to haven't left me feeling numb in the arse.

    Its quite difficult to "climb", out of the saddle with the movement not being quite as it is naturally, but the real benefit is seated power output.

    Be wary of which Ant+ dongle you buy though as I'm led to believe it has to be specific to make it work with TR. I think the Wahoo dongle is the one to go for.

    I'm really wanting the InRide power module to go with, but struggling to justify the £150 outlay for what is essentially just a Bluetooth Smart HR strap and cadence/ speed magnet.
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    Be wary of which Ant+ dongle you buy though as I'm led to believe it has to be specific to make it work with TR. I think the Wahoo dongle is the one to go for.

    The best Ant+ dongle is the Suunto Moviestick imo, works great and is so small it's far less likely to get broken. Works really well with TR too.
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