max spacer height

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What should be considered to be the max spacer height under the bars?

I've had a Pedal Force RS2 frame now for a few years waiting for me to get round and put it together. Finally that day has now approached but when I compare it to my current bike, the geometry is vastly different. I can get it to fit me via stem length and seat post height, etc but the one thing which is clearly vastly different is the headset.

To get the bars at the same height wrt the seat needs about 4.5-5mm of spacers under the bars. Is this too much or is there anything else I can do to raise the bars while reducing the spacers ie get a 17 deg stem and flip it? The last thing I want to do is cut it too short and make it irretrievable without significant cost.


PS The RS2 frame looks good and is very light