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Is anyone missing a Blue Paris Galibier?

Robbied196Robbied196 Posts: 3
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I hope I'm wrong about this but thought I'd make this post about a Paris Galibier that recently came up for sale in what can only be called, dubious circumstances.

The bike was/is in what could be called a 'socially challenged' area of Wolverhampton. It was advertised for sale at £45. The only contact method with the seller was via email, the seller plainly knows nothing about the bike. It is most likely hand built by Tom Board of Condor Cycles and if you know Paris Galibier cycles they are a very distinctive frame design. These bikes are both rare, valuable and sort after in cycling circles.

A link to the advert was posted on another cycling forum. The number of responses including by myself probably made the seller realise the bike was worth a lot more than £45. I was involved a loop of emails along with, as it turned out, other forum members. Each email continually inflated the price but also offered a completed deal to several people. Only one person got address details for collection but after a few days it appears we've all received the same email saying the bike was sold for £450. We don't know who the buyer was if indeed there is a buyer.

It is a very curious sale of a rare bike, but allsorts of valuable items can slip through the net and end up on boot sales or the like. However, if you think you know the history of this bike and have a legitimate connection to it please send me a PM and I'll try and help out with further details.

Happy cycling
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