Water bottle explosion

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Last night I carried out my normal preperation for a pedal out including filling my water bottle and adding 2 berry flavour tablets and set off. Half way up my first climb there was a loud pop and something hit my leg which for a few seconds confused me. I then realised the lid had blown off my water bottle and seperated into 2 pieces. Tablets must have been giving off gas as they dissolved but not had that before.


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    I've never noticed electrolyte tablets giving off a noticab;e amount of gas and would have thought a bottle would leak enough to let it escape.
    Are you sure you didn't put Alka Seltzer tablets in by mistake? :mrgreen:
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    I've just started using them and do notice that a lot of gas comes off. I half fill until they dissolve and top up (before I did that I notice that water sputtered out through the threads of the lid). Two in one bottle seems a lot anyway!
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    They weren't Alka Seltzer although that could be interesting and 2 tablets were as per the instructions on the tube and my preference for the taste. I was surprised it was forceful enough to seperate the lid.
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    If you put a tablet ia a bottle of water and it fizzes, Of course it is giving off CO2 gas. I tend to put them in the night before and leave the drinking valve open. It has happened to me before. Not an exploding top but having it spitting out the top when you go to take a drink cos of the pressure.
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    My son had an exploding water bottle. But then he didn't empty his just bought bottle of coca cola into it!
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  • term1te
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    I made up a bottle of energy drink with fizzy water once, because I thought it would taste nice. Big mistake, as the first time I opened the bottle top with my teeth, I nearly choked as the stream of sticky sweet liquid hit the back of my throat, before falling all down my front and over the handlebars.
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    This reminds me of the time I put a Nuun tablet in my water bottle after a race so I could hydrate. I was getting a lift in a club mate's car; whilst sat down, I opened the bottle and BOOOOOM - drink splattered everywhere. :lol: