Aluminium/alloy seat post v carbon

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Just read a pretty favourable review of the FSA SL-K carbon seat post and I wondered about changing my alloy post to that (or similar) one.

Without going into the merits of the FSA model in too much detail, is this likely to make a huge difference? I'm riding a Spesh Secteur with everything made of alloy/alu and I like to do long distance rides.


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    It might save a few grammes, but it is unlikely to make any noticable difference to ride quality.
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    Standard spesh post (Allez) vs deda drittissimo was the difference between me chucking the bike and keeping it, the improvement to the ride was night and day.
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    A good carbon seatpost will no doubt improve bum comfort over most stock alloy posts, although much will depend on how much vibration is transmitted through the rest of the frame before it actually reaches the seatpost. Can't comment on the Secteur, but a good seatpost atop a pants, juddery alu frame will be akin to an elastoplast on a hole in the head.
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  • Spesh Cobl Gobl-R instead? Should kill more road buzz than the FSA post
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    jacknorell wrote:
    Spesh Cobl Gobl-R instead? Should kill more road buzz than the FSA post

    It looks fantastic. Shame about the cost though...
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    If you're not on 25c tyres yet, get some, it will make even a cheap alu frame much, much more comfortable. I moved to 25c GP4000S from various 23c and the difference was night and day. Alu frame, Thomson alu seatpost.
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    Yep, already on 25mms. And you're right!