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Jumps around Hatfield

samlipscombesamlipscombe Posts: 3
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I'm at Herts uni and living in Hatfield and was wondering if anyone knew anywhere I would be able to ride to locally to get some air time or even anywhere that would be good to make my own?

I've done plenty of cycling on my road bike around Hatfield and later scouted out likely looking spots on my MTB but am still yet to find any, I did find some old overgrown mounds of dirt in some woods near Wheathampstead bordering some large fields, but they looked like they hadn't been used in a good couple of decades and arent rideable as the ground is now mostly fallen trees


  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,784
    Which woods was that? I've not managed to find anything decent from my travels around the area, probably haven't been trying hard enough though. There's half a dozen in a small piece of woodland along the railway tracks south of North Mymms but it's nothing special at all and they need some work on them too... Fairly out of the way though, most of the traffic past them is students walking to uni so can't see anyone complaining if you did go digging.
  • ... 8&t=h&z=19

    I think that was the place but when I say overgrown I mean where there aren't trees across the ground its knee deep in branches and stuff and very small mounds of dirt completely unrideable and also a very small area.

    Thanks for that info I shall check it out tomorrow, I'm looking on google maps now is it Peplins woods your talking about or is it on the other side of the track?

    If possible could you send a google maps link with it zoomed right into the area so could see where it is from there please?

    Also this place is the closest place with rideable jumps, although a lot of them are way to crazy for me at this point in time lol ... ngdom&z=19
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