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Hi folks,

Since CNP have changed their Pro range to Elite, along with the flavours, I see the caffeine gels come in Victory flavour but can't seem to find what flavour this actually is.

It might be me but I just can't see it if anyone has tried them and can help.



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    Perhaps you could ask CNP rather than some randomers on a forum?
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    I've heard it said, and may have said it myself on occasion in a post race interview, 'the taste of victory is sweet' - so it must taste sweet! :)
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    As it is an energy gel, you might be on the right track :P
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    NapoleonD wrote:
    Perhaps you could ask CNP rather than some randomers on a forum?

    Aye, cheers. Great help.
    Checked their site and thought it might be easy to ask rather than e-mail CNP, wait for a reply that might never appear or have to phone them.
    There's me thinking you were a decent guy.
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    Don't be upset, I'm sure he is a decent guy.
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    I am. I thought it a fair suggestion.
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    It's an energy gel. The flavour is either going to be vomit, turd or pigs brain whatever the label on the packet says!
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    RE: Victory flavour

    Hi Alex

    Thank you for your email. Victory flavour is like Red Bull flavour.

    Best Regards

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    Hi, I'm asking for an acquaintance who is interested in buying, as they can't be bothered to email, but what actual flavour are the 'victory' gels?


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    So there you have it. They taste of nail varnish remover.