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FAO Walton, Shepperton, Surrey Cyclists - Consutlation

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I have put a topic in "Commuting" about some fairly dodgy infrastructure Surrey are consulting on in Walton on Thames and Shepperton, which ends on 19th August. They have £1million for it.

Main topic:

Consultation docs and movie:

NOTE: Consultation ends on 19th August so be quick


  • Lets hope they dont waste 1million on this, it will cause accidents guaranteed.
  • ProssPross Posts: 24,234
    look496 wrote:
    Lets hope they dont waste 1million on this, it will cause accidents guaranteed.

    Interesting. I'm not a fan of segregation but why is this guaranteed to cause accidents? I don't know the area so is there anything specific that means this will be the case? Looks like a pretty bog standard footway / cycleway scheme with Toucan crossing facilities to me. Uninspiring, potentially too narrow at 2.5m wide, unsuitable for those wishing to ride at any kind of decent speed but I don't see anything particularly unsafe (other than possibly the section where an island is being narrowed to increase the width of a traffic lane which may encourage drivers to squeeze past any riders that choose to ride on the road).
  • Its dangerous, because along stretches of terrace road cars are parked. The side roads are narrow, and have parked cars right up to the junction on both sides of the side road, leaving just enough room for a single car to travel up /down the side roads on the river side. Houses generally on that side are also built right up to the pavement, no room for driveways, restricting views of people on pavement and also trying to use the junctions.

    Also terrace road and the run down to the bridge is a very busy main road, and living off one of the side roads, you see a lot of people taking chances to get out on to the main road and vice versa. It wont take much for a 'cyclist' using the shared pavement to not look, go straight across the road (there are people who see the raised junction as giving them the right of way even thought there is no zebra) and be hit by a road user who didn't see them, and i mean genuinely didn't see them.

    I have seen this now, when you don't have a shared path. i have seen quite a few pedestrians who don't bother checking that a car is not trying to turn in or out of the side road and getting a fright.

    I showed my husband this, he doesn't really cycle very much, but the look on his face said it all - are they mad!
  • Here's the link to the consultation report. ... report.pdf

    In addition to the Terrace Road issues I think there will also be problems at the High Street/Bridge Street cross road section with the amount of pedestrians that wait there to cross the road and with shops/pubs opening straight onto the path at Church Street. I expect most will either use the route along side the river if you are going to pootle or the road if you need to get somewhere.

    It would make sense to link the whole thing to the local schools and station but that will be a different funding pot.
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