So finally went clipless..

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Got spd pedals and shoes with my new bike...only two falls so far one in the back yard..and one coming out of glasson dock on my second ride...coming to a junction i unclipped my left foot as usual...and fell to the right..luckily no one about hehe..scabbed knee and elbow as a kinda like the clipped in feeling..hope I get used to it tho ;)


  • farrina
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    Welcome to the club.

    Giving my age away my first experience was with toe clips and straps. Unfortunately when I fell side ways it was on my parents path straight into a rather large rose bush ... Ouch

    These days I would consider it dangerous to not have my feet clipped to the pedals. Oh yes and you can unclip on steep hills. With straps you had to decide you we're committed at the bottom and either get up the hill or fall off ( unless you unclipped at the foot and lost half your power)



  • Haha..I do believe its a rite of passage..
  • Buckie2k5
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    i went round the block tonight to test my gearing without my bike shoes on. Not being clipped in actually felt very scarey lol.
  • Hehe..I took the flat pedal bits that were on one side before so im committed it normal for them to feel a bit slippy when tring to click in ? Presume this will become more natural..I'm using mtb style shoes u can walk in
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    You should have bought eggbeater pedals! :) I was advised to do just that and I am so glad I did. I've tried a few times to fall off, but have yet to achieve it - I think you'd have to do something very odd to be physically unable to clip-out of the eggbeater pedals in time to stop yourself falling over.
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