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Hi there, been lurking about so firstly hiya!

Ok, so I bought a Cannondale CAAD 8 Sora last year and when reading the reviews every one picked out the wheels as being crap. Having pinged the second spoke in a month on the rear I'm beginning to think they weren't wrong! I have a pretty decent understanding of all bikes things...apart from wheels to which I am almost clueless.

My ideal budget is about £200 - but is this enough to upgrade the factory Maddux RS 3.0?

I'm looking for strength & weight as I have a big frame at 6"3 and 93kg, not bothered about aero or such like (not that I'd get hat at my budget) just want a pair that is going to last me, look smart & be as light as possible.

I have been looking at Mavic Aksium, Bontrager Race & Campag Khamsin, but they seem to get mixed reviews - any thoughts on these? Any other recommendations?




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    Personally I think you would benefit from deepish rims... 30 mm or so, ideal for heavier riders with the appropriate spoke count.
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    Deep ish rims will help, something like Mavic CXP 33?
    Also the right spoke count as Ugo says, probably 32 or even 36 for bullet proof wheels.
    Hub - Novatec are cheap but should last well enough, you don't want a wide flange with deeper section rims so typical Shimano 105 hubs might not suit such rims and the Novatecs are ideal.

    I would recommend hand built which will get you the right hub/spoke/rim combination for your needs and wallet. Ugo builds some, I can recommend Harry Rowland who's built 2 sets of wheels for me. As for cost, roughly its the cost of hubs (£50?) + rims (£90?) + £80-£90 for spokes and build. So £220-£230 at a guess, but a much better and longer lasting wheel than factory wheels.. Give Harry a call and he'll advise better than I can http://www.harryrowland.info/
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