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Hi Looking for any useful feedback on the best options for a £1000ish cyclocross bike for my wife:
She is just a wee bit over 5 foot and currently rides a 49cm allez in the winter and I believe a small or xs Kuota Kharma on better days.

Will be a purchase from our LBS who stock:g iant, ridley, specialized, bianchi and moda along with one or 2 others

The Allez has a tt of 518 and a standover height of 737 which is pretty high on her. From looking around I think the Giant WS TX1 might be a contender if it can be sourced in the uk as this has a S over heigh of 726 or 757 in the 46/49.

The Ridley standover heights seem to be huge, can anyone confirm their experience?

Specialized are doing the crux in a 46 this year 510 top tube and 725 standover so that looks interesting.

Any feedback from others who have been down this road?


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    I went through a similar problem when buying a road bike for my wife, even considered the Isla Luath 700 (this can take cross tyres)

    One of the main problems is toe overlap which is why the TT measurements on the frames don't seem to go low enough. It might be worth considering a junior bike with 650 wheels which might be easier to handle.

    Moda seem to do one called the Minor which is reasonably priced which may leave room for upgrades although tyre choice at 650c is limited.
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    Cannondale do a 44cm CAADX which by most accounts is a great bike.

    The US women's national CX champ races a 44cm SuperX which looks cool tarted up with Zipp 303s, Sram Red and Zipp finishing kit! ... show=slide Don't show that to your 13 year old!

    Isla is a good bet as well if the person is really small.
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    Isla is a good bet as well if the person is really small.

    Isla undoubtedly make great bikes but I do question the geometry on the 700 luath small and to some extent the large. Why not go for 650c wheels?? I asked them once but they couldn't answer the question for me and they woudn't/couldn't give me a full geometry.