Road Bike Rip Off

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Just been getting my old hybrid ready for some Winter riding and needed to replace a broken derailleur, I bought a cheap Shimano Altus unit then found out that I also needed to replace my shifters as the SRAM twist shifters work on a different ratio to Shimano - you live and learn! Bought Altus trigger levers and shifters.

The shifters and derailluer cost a total of £35.

I wasn't expecting great performance but I was wrong, my gear changes are crisp, the triggers are smooth and easy to operate and my bike changes gear much slicker than my Shimano 2300 equipped road bike.

I know 2300 is bottom of the rung but a pair of 2300 shifters cost £90!

Surely we are being ripped off for our road bike equipment!


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    They probably feel nice because they are new.

    I replaced my Sora derailleur with a 105 (same shifters) and the improvement was instant. Now a few months later it's starting to feel sloppy again. The cable snapped this morning so maybe replacing it will bring back the precise feeling it had before.
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    I know what you mean. The 8-speed MTB trigger shifters on my touring bike knock my 105 brifters into a cocked hat. Rifle-bolt precision shifts, even under power, even hauling a fully laden bike.
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    Oh no £90! Try riding record and then its due time to replace the cassette.