Advice required: Cycling cap??

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I'm relatively new to 'proper cycling': my longer rides at the weekend are now touching 50miles on a touring bike - and if I can sustain the enthusiasm I'll buy a lighter and faster bike in the next 6 months.

One smaller investment in the mean time. My Specialised helmet has a detachable visor - and I see that some of the riders out each weekend wear a cycle cap underneath theirs.

Is this just a fashion thing? Or is there some benefit to wearing a cap - and is it a summer, winter or both thing? Apologies if this is a rather naive question: I can promise more to come! :?

In the mean time, many thanks to those more experienced cyclists who have responded to other questions on these forums - they've been a help in other areas and I've just committed to my first 100mile Sportive, so you've all helped to spread the 'bug'!


  • Gizmodo
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    The cotton cycling cap:
    - keeps the sweat from running into your eyes
    - the peek keeps the sun out of your eyes and rain off your specs
    - keeps you warm in colder weather
    - looks pro

    Personally I can't wear them when it's warm, but many do to help stop sweat running into their eyes.
  • IanRCarter
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    I have one but haven't worn it now the weather has got better and when I did I tended to have the peak up, my helmet pushed it down to low otherwise and I couldn't see much. Feels so much better to have good air coming through the helmet and keeping my noggin' cool.

    Another point to add about them is they add protection against those black and yellow stripey creatures when they find their way into the vents in your helmet.

    They don't cost much and a good accessory to have in the drawer.
  • Calpol
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    I wear one if it rains as it keeps the rain of my glasses.
  • I'm going a bit thin on top and it stops my head getting burnt through the vents.
    Other reasons as above, especially the wasps / bees getting in to the vents. Less likely to get stung with a cap underneath.

    I got a cotton Craft one from wiggle and the peak stays up perfectly, whereas the Giro one that cost about three times as much (bought to match helmet) the peak keeps falling down making it hard to see.
  • doug5_10
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    +1 for all the above, good for cool weather when a full on skull cap etc. is too much. Comes in most useful in the rain. Also is a major roadie fashion faux-pas to have any form of visor near your helmet, MTBing only!
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