Which is the best/worst bike shop in the North East?

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Which is the best (or worst) bike shop in North East England? Take my super quick 1 question, 1 minute survey to help me find out. Just click the link. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/63X3RD3


  • Phil562
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    The ones I use are not on your survey
  • I'll add them if you let me know what they are. Cheers.
  • Mickyg88
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    This is a load of tosh, what do you hope to get out of it, everyone has different opinions regarding best and worst of anything, you must be short of something to post do you just like to see your name in lights.
  • Mickyg88, it's just a quick poll and in no way meant to offend anyone so why the angst?
    Indeed people have different opinions but that's exactly what the poll is to surface. For any bike shop owners out there I'll freely share the results. I'm certainly not in it to 'see my name in lights'. I'm a service delivery manger in 'real life' and thought I point my analytical skills at something I'm passionate about, i.e. the long term survival of local bike shops. Personally I think there is much room for improvement regarding local bike shops and wanted to correlate my instinct. The results so far back up that hunch. If this exercise can help to improve the service provided by local bike shops in the North East I don't see that as bad thing, do you?
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    I live in the North East and I use 'the internet'.
  • navrig
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    The north east being the Aberdeen area?
  • Sorry, England.
    Navrig wrote:
    The north east being the Aberdeen area?
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    This post is going nowhere, and by the way, no angst from me, all the best though on your quest.

    By the way, I used to be a Service Delivery Manager, probably the 'best in the North West' or even further afield, so don't come that on here, we aren't interested.