Lifeventure towels - why do they stink so much?

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I've got two of these and use them on alternate days to shower at work. There's nowhere to dry them so I leave them on top of my locker until home time by which time they're reeking so much that I have to fasten them on the outside of my bag so they don't contaminate anything inside.

Doesn't matter how hot I wash 'em they're still slightly whiffy afterwards so have to be stored separately from my other gear.

Anyone know how to tame 'em or have any recommendations for something better?




  • davis
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    I think just about any towel will stink if it's left to dry in a wet heap. Washing likes to be aired!
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    Tried using an antibacterial detergent? And tried washing several times straight in a row?
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  • Thanks for the replies. Seems I was doing Life Systems a disservice - the towels are made by Lifeventure. Any way, the reason I bought 'em was because they're supposed to dry in 10 minutes in a light zephyr and they're treated with an anti-bacterial agent so they're not supposed to stink.

    Given that I've got nowhere to dry 'em at work I'll give the antibacterial detergent a go.
  • gsej
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    Hang them from the top tube of your bike?

    I shower at work after my commute in and then just spread the towel out as best I can over my sports bag which I keep under my desk. If I turn it over a couple of times during the day it dries out nicely without ever getting smelly.
  • Wash them in Milton's solution. Regularly.
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  • Finally got round to trying some of these suggestions. So thanks to gsej & Greg66; soaked the towels in Milton fluid, washed them and that got rid of the stink. Now when I use them at work I take them back outside and hang them in the bike shed and they don't stink when I'm ready to go home.

  • Umm, put them to dry when you've washed and chuck them in the washing machine with your riding gear, job done.

    I also use them for touring. They don't get too smelly if you give them a good rinse each time and leave them to dry.
  • vorsprung
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    I take it these are the lightweight towels that are made of a fleece type of material. I have one of them and yes, they really do smell. Why not just get a small "normal" towel and use that instead? I'm sure such a towel would only be a little bit bigger/more bulky, would dry just as well and would not stink so much

    I only use mine about once a year when I take it bike camping or on long events.