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£1500-£2000 sportive bike?

broonabroona Posts: 414
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Just sold my 2012 Giant Defy 4 as I couldn't get along with it, not the bikes fault I don't think, but possibly the fact that I'm comparing a £600 road bike to a £2k 29er hard tail and a £2k full suspension bike, and everything just felt 'clunky' in comparison! :twisted:

I'm looking for something with similar geometry to the Defy, but with much better components and finishing kit, looking at something along the following lines :-

Trek Madone
Specialized Roubaix
Giant Defy Advanced/Composite
Planet X Pro Carbon Shimano Ultegra + better wheels
Planet X RT58 Shimano Ultegra

Any other options or ideas please? Cheers. :)


  • wideboywideboy Posts: 206
    Im looking at getting the Planet X RT58 so id be interested to hear other's comments on the bike.
  • I love my Canyon Ultimate AL with Full Ultegra:


    Very comfortable bike for riding long distance, and it's nice and fast too.
  • focuzfocuz Posts: 150
    Planet x RT-58, only because i have one :D Its amazing. But you would need to upgrade those al30 c wheels :L viewtopic.php?f=40044&t=12935551
  • springtide9springtide9 Posts: 1,731
    First question... What type of riding?

    Do you want a stiff race bike or a more supple all day tourer (or something in between)
  • Isn't the clue in the thread title? :)
  • springtide9springtide9 Posts: 1,731
    prawnlover wrote:
    Isn't the clue in the thread title? :)

    You can ride a fast racer in a Sportive or a Brompton! And you WILL see lots of Brompton's and £10k superbikes at Sortives.. so what does that tell you about he term?

    In a lot of Sportive's, you'll see people looking to know their 'race position' with their deep section carbon wheels, while other people will be debating the best cake stop and how their crossed African on their singlespeed.

    The word is too general and is overused... a Sportive means something different to everyone...

    Is the OP looking for ride quality and comfort; or better their Sportive time or something else? Is frame material important? (preference)

    If ride quality and comfort is the primary goal, maybe a Genesis Steel is a great offering... but if they are looking for something else, then that might be way off the mark.
  • trekietrekie Posts: 15
    Treck Domane 4.3. End of
  • trekie wrote:
    Treck Domane 4.3. End of

    End of what?

    Have a look at the Cannondale Synapse
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • ianbarianbar Posts: 1,353
    good time of year to buy no matter what it is with all the sales starting you could get much more for your money!
    +1 for cannondale
    enigma esprit
    cannondale caad8 tiagra 2012
  • Fair enough,he also said he wants something with similar geometry to a defy which is fairly upright I believe?
    Planet X seems like a good shout!
  • Domane 4.3 is a good choice. Also look at the Scott Solace.
  • stepdavistepdavi Posts: 135
    Get yourself a madone 3.5 from royles , bike shop in wilmslow. 2013 3.5 for around £1500 which is cheap and they are doing 20% off at moment. I got this offer last year on a '12 3.5 and its been great. Change wheels on it though
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  • Avit5Avit5 Posts: 114
    I love my Canyon Ultimate AL with Full Ultegra:


    Very comfortable bike for riding long distance, and it's nice and fast too.

    Or for only slightly more you can have it with Di2 if that takes your fancy.
  • smithy05smithy05 Posts: 114
    Can't get a better deal than this. Its £1999 in store ... ite_0.html
  • broonabroona Posts: 414
    Thanks for all the replies.

    As I said in my OP, I'm looking for something comfortable first and foremost, with a slightly more upright position as I'm used to riding a MTB and feel a lot more comfortable that way.

    I'll stick my head into Evans Cycles one morning this week and see what's in their sale, I do like the look of the Domane/Madone and the Synapse, and at least I can sit on a few different bikes to get a little feel for them.

    Got a Giant dealer 10 miles away too, so I'll take a look at some of the higher end models in there. :)
  • Mickyg88Mickyg88 Posts: 289
    Why did you bother asking us then, no doubt you will get another giant.
  • broonabroona Posts: 414
    Mickyg88 wrote:
    Why did you bother asking us then, no doubt you will get another giant.

    I really like the Cannondale Synapse, so that would be my first choice, followed by a Trek, then a Giant, but if you insist...
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