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New MTBr from south wales (advice needed)

iancannoniancannon Posts: 4
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Hi all, Im new to this mountain biking scene, i have just got into after suffering with liver failure and needed a new hobby instead of drinking etc. Im 23 years of age and decided to buy my first mountain bike the other it is a carrera kraken 2011 i believe. Its still like new with no faults except the gearing is a little out which i need to fix but thats about it. Just after some advice on the best place to get aftermarket parts ie handlebars, grips, headsets etc. I do want to do it up a bit. I paid £250 for it do you think it is worth it or iv been ripped off lol. I eventually want to get a full sus so any ideas of best ones to look for under £800 would be great especially with the new bike park wales opening end of the month which i live across the road from :lol:

Thanks for reading look forward to hearing from people


  • Stu CoopsStu Coops Posts: 426
    For the bike you have parts are pretty easy to come buy I would imagine, online, ebay also I think Carrera is a Halfords brand but I maybe wrong. As for your second comment personally I think you'll struggle to find a decent second hand FS for £800 better off keeping what you have and keep saving for the FS.
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  • thanks for the reply. il keep looking around just fancy upgrading things to nicer looking and better quality items. Yeh i read online that it is an halfords make, iv been offered a swap already for it for a specialized hardrock which have been upgraded a little bit but i dont know whats best out of the both :/ Yeh i thought that personally im not ina rush so perhaps keep on saving for a bit. Thanks
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,757
    Carrera is Halfords own brand, most parts can be had from them readily, though at a price!

    The Bike itself (frame and then assembly) is made by Merida in Taiwan where they also make their own brand bikes as well as Specialised and many other brands bikes.

    Best place to get parts depends on what part you want to get, lots of online sources (ebay, merlin cycles, wiggle, chain reaction cycles, SJS cycles etc).

    £250 is a fair price for a 2011 Kraken.

    Check links in my sig for what you can do with a Kraken and also the Carrera hardtail thread.
  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    hi mate, a bit off topic I know. but where in are you?

    there's a great club that do beginner/newbie rides and are a good bunch of guys and girls called halfwayupmtb. there's a good place to start if you wanna get to know your way around a bit better or not ride on your own.

    check out
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