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Bottom bracket help......

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Hi Guys,

I need a little help from all of your vast knowledge. I am currently undergoing the massive transition from road cyclist to MTB. I have recently inherited an older Claud Butler (Cape Wrath disc) bike from my brother. I think its an '07. Anyway cut a long story short the bike needed a lot of TLC and a few parts replacing. Nothing major. I know it's not the best bike in the world (far from it). But as a fairly mechanical minded guy I thought I could breath a little bit more life into the old dog before taking a huge financial plunge of a new bike.

I need a little help with my bottom bracket. The bearings were buggered for lack of a better expression. So I whipped it out to replace.

On the bracket it is marked:
Square LE
The cranks are a Square shafted Truvativ FiveD on a Shimano Deore gearset

My question(s) are:

1) Is it best to replace the whole bracket or just the bearings. Indeed, is it possible to take the unit apart. (I have access to an SKF bearing account at work, and would be pretty cheap for me to do it this way if possible)
2) Is there a better replacement for this model for the same money i.e. Shimano etc (I'm not sure what dictates the compatibility with other makes/models).
3) Is it best just to buy an exact direct replacement.



Any help would be greatly appreciated

I look forward to hearing back from you

James (MTB Newbie)


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