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Bike for teen/tween

FidelioFidelio Posts: 3
After showing no interest in cycling ever, my 12 going on 13 year old son has suddenly been bitten, and I've taken in him out using my pub/shopping bike which is a cheap heavy hybrid and he loves cycling. Now, this bike is way to big for him. He can straddle it safely but it's only a tad on the small side for me and I'm 6' while he is a pint sized (Quintana-sized) 5'5" and skinny as a rake
So I want to get him a bike, but cash is short. My pride and joy is only a triban 3 with Aksium wheels. The absolute max I can spend is £200. I was wondering if something as cheap as a Halfords job would do him. This looks like a terrible bike for an adult
But given that he weighs about 7 stone I thought it might do him OK? Most of the objections to this kind of bike are that they are a bit feeble and lack resilence. But he's going to be putting a tiny wattage into it. I'm sure if I rode it for a few hundred km it would almost fall apart, but it only has to cope with a skinny little fellow, so it maybe it would be OK. Maybe that's the one thing a Halfords job is OK for. A small, light rider who puts half as much power (less actually if I recall my school physics correctly) into the drivetrain and breaks as a grown-up does.
Other suggestions welcome. I know people say s/h but blimey, I've been trawling gumtree etc and there's not much there.
Thanks for reading.


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,728
    I looked at the various options as yourself has done and ended up buying a second hand carrera virtuoso for a lot less than your budget off ebay. The halfords bike you looked at has bar top shifters not sti like your triban. Look at ebay but be careful loads of rubbish about.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • FidelioFidelio Posts: 3
    Yes, would be great. I just never see anything like that at a good price s/h. Not within driving distance anyway. Maybe I just need to be a bit patient.
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