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steve45steve45 Posts: 2,503
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Heading up Fort william this weekend with the DH bike, just wondering if the Laggan would be worth while a stop off for a quick ride whilst passing? never been before just curious if its suited to a dh bike?


  • matiskomatisko Posts: 22
    As I recall, its more suited to xc, am style. Still, good fun , and i believe they do an uplift service at certain times.

    dh may be a bit too much.
  • steve45steve45 Posts: 2,503
    Ah well, probably just better off getting another run in on the DH then spending longer at the pub. :lol:
  • altern_8altern_8 Posts: 1,562
    I presume you will passing if you spend more time in the pub anyway :lol: ,im up this way at the moment and off to do Laggan at some point just to say ive done it,or should i say walked parts of it :wink:

    Blue Trail (Fun Park)
    Don't let the 'blue' title put you off, this is designed to be ridden at any pace so suits the beginner riders as well as experienced cross country and downhill riders. It is all downhill, very smooth and fast, featuring masses of berms , doubles, table-tops and rollers. It is confident for less experienced jumper/downhillers to get their confidence up, for downhillers to enjoy features more typically found on downhilll courses, or for more competent jumper to hit hard and fast. It is surprisingly long and needs to be actually 'ridden' the whole way.
    Red Trail
    The Red Trail is mainly narrow single-track, flat or with a slight gradient, broken up with tight corners, slab rock and stone pitching. It is all generally easy and quite pedally with speed kept down by slow corners and features.
    Black Trail
    Although a cross country trail, the black is very testing for anyone on a cross country bike, and more fun on a medium travel free-rider. It features very little climbing considering it's length, and most downhills are quite flowing and flat, but littered with rock chutes and technical problems. Take care though, the technical sections are difficult with falls not really an option given the hard sharp surfaces and big drops down rock chutes. The black trail pushes what is 'do-able' on a cross country trail, so go prepared!
    The Base Centre offers parking, cafe, toilets and showers, bike shop/hire, bike wash and shuttle runs to the top of the trails.
  • lg18lg18 Posts: 92
    altern_8 wrote:
    The Base Centre offers parking, cafe, toilets and showers, bike shop/hire, bike wash and shuttle runs to the top of the trails.

    Not anymore. Unless you have very recent information about a change for the better, they got fed up of waiting for new facilities to be built and upped sticks. When I was last there there were still toilets and hose pipe but no bike hire, no uplift, and no cafe - although there was an excellent van doing seriously top quality food (The Billy Can), alhtough they're not always there, especially if they're doing the catering for an event elsewhere.
  • steve45steve45 Posts: 2,503
    I passed on Laggan in the end, by the time i finished at fort william i was beat, i drove past it and as much as i wanted to i just didnt have the energy in me.
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